Did not find any Terraform files (*.tf)


I have a current folder structure as such:


  • non-prod/
    – dev/
    — vpc/
    ---- terraform.tfvars
    — terraform.tfvars

The VPC pulls a module down that we have developed internally. I have followed the examples repos you have set up for folder structure. I am running a plan all from non-prod/dev/ and I receive the error that I dont have any *.tf files. Why? According to your example I dont need them. The tfvars file in the vpc directory contains all the vars I need.

What am I doing wrong?



Assume you are running the terragrunt command as opposed to terraform?


Yes, at the root I am running:

terragrunt workspace select …
terragrunt plan-all -out=planname.tfplan

I want the ability to *-all modules and deploy in one hit


@Martin_Whittington you’ll need to create a terraform.tfvars in the dev folder that points terragrunt to the sub-folders. Alternatively, if the vpc folder contains all the tfvars you need then you can go ahead to run terragrunt apply-all in that folder instead.