How to grep output with Terragrunt

Hello everyone, I’m new in Terragrunt please help me to find a proper solution.

I have following structure:

├── zone-one
│   ├──
│   └── terragrunt.hcl
├── zone-two
│   ├──
│   └── terragrunt.hcl
└── init.hcl

I would like to use outputs of zone-two to use it with zone-one is it achievable somehow with terragrunt or not?

Currently I manually paste the output of zone-one to init.hcl file, and only after I’m running zone-one.
Ideally I would like to run terragrunt run-all apply without thinking of passing output between this two directories

Use a dependency block. See here for more info.

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Thank you, @jim

So I should have as well Or I can just add in any .tf file the output?
Regarding the output it self, how it should look like? For example I have such output

module.vpc.vpc-id Will it will work with Terragrunt?