Terragrunt run-all show plan json behaves different

I have below directory structure

            |   \---
            |   \---

I am running this command at backend directory -

terragrunt run-all plan -out plainplan.txt
terragrunt run-all show -json plainplan.txt > plainplanall.json

I am hoping second command should generate a combined plan.json file taking plainplan.txt from all directory(i.e app1,app2…etc) in backend directory. But seems terragrunt stops after going into one directory. I am seeing changes from only one directory in plainplanall.json.

I am expecting second command should read all plainplan.txt, merge them and generate one json file. Am I expecting something wrong or doing something wrong.


Since this is already posted on terragrunt repo, I posted the answer there: Terragrunt run-all show plan json behaves different · Issue #1848 · gruntwork-io/terragrunt · GitHub

Let’s continue the thread over there. Thanks!