Working with nested modules

I am in state/prod/service/serviceA trying to run with a local --terragrunt-source=~/modules/services//serviceA. serviceA's TF file refers to the cloudinit module, via ../../cloudinit, but when I run terragunt I get the following error:

Initializing modules...
- module.cloudinit
  Getting source "../../cloudinit"
Error downloading modules: Error loading modules: error downloading 'file://<path to seviceA/.terragrunt-cache/gocz6NveBgllKQMm2t0N3AE2cqg/cloudinit': source path error: stat <path to seviceA/.terragrunt-cache/gocz6NveBgllKQMm2t0N3AE2cqg/cloudinit: no such file or directory

Directory structure for ref:

├── services
│   └── serviceA
|       └──
└── cloudinit

├── dev
└── prod
    └── services
        └── serviceA
            └── terraform.tfvars

EDIT: Nevermind, I should have used --terragrunt-source=~/modules//services/serviceA