Changed S3 bucket as old one notavailable now Terragrunt won't init

I have some Terraform wrapped with Terragrunt for remote state storage.

We have recently changed the S3 bucket and the old one was deleted but now when I run terragrunt init I get the following output:

Backend config has changed from map[bucket:terraform-remote-state-storage-lb key:terraform.tfstate region:eu-west-2] to map[region:eu-central-1 bucket:<BUCKET_NAME> key:terraform.tfstate encrypt:%!s(bool=true) dynamodb_table:tf-locking-table]

Along with the following:

Error inspecting states in the "s3" backend:
    NoSuchBucket: The specified bucket does not exist
	status code: 404, request id: 91561DF0A0350AF1, host id: fhKM8JVo03+h14mIhwUhumGH5nxwLHNsmjLOBhnsT49ZTRpNCIZjIAPYe3k1JY6N4UL8HE0v/S8=

Prior to changing backends, Terraform inspects the source and destination
states to determine what kind of migration steps need to be taken, if any.
Terraform failed to load the states. The data in both the source and the
destination remain unmodified. Please resolve the above error and try again.

Hey Luke,

Could you please give a step by step description of what you did to get to where you are?

From your post it seems to me that you:

  1. Created a new s3 bucket for new state
  2. Deleted the old s3 bucket with the old state in it
  3. Updated you terraform code to point to the new bucket
  4. Ran terragrunt init
  5. Got the error you reference above.

Is that correct? Or am I missing something?