Quick start - backend config


trying to use terragrunt for the first time. Im trying to follow: https://terragrunt.gruntwork.io/docs/getting-started/quick-start/. but getting an error a on terragrunt apply in the core folder (the tf is just a basic vpc). Any idea what im doing wrong?

I have the following layout:

├── core
│   ├── backend.tf
│   ├── main.tf
│   └── terragrunt.hcl
└── terragrunt.hcl

My root terragrunt file is:

remote_state {
  backend = "s3"
  generate = {
    path      = "backend.tf"
    if_exists = "overwrite_terragrunt"
  config = {
    bucket = "my-vpc-statefile"
    key = "${path_relative_to_include()}/terraform.tfstate"
    region         = "us-west-2"
    encrypt        = true
    dynamodb_table = "my-vpc-locks"

my terragrunt file in core is:

include {
  path = find_in_parent_folders()

the error:

$ terragrunt apply
Acquiring state lock. This may take a few moments...
Releasing state lock. This may take a few moments...

Error: Missing required argument

The argument "region" is required, but was not set.

ERRO[0020] 1 error occurred:
        * exit status 1


I had put in my provider details… :confused:

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