Crowdfunding new infrastructure, now with deadlines!

A little while back, we created a simple spreadsheet to try to crowdfund new infrastructure projects. The goal was to get everyone access to better infrastructure at the lowest cost anywhere and to be transparent about our process. Although customers keep asking us for new infrastructure, it seems like few of you have added your names to that spreadsheet. This makes it very difficult for us to plan our roadmap and commit to deadlines.

Therefore, we have added “drop dead dates” for each project. If not enough companies have signed up for a project by the time that date passes, the project is canceled, and we will focus on something else instead. Projects such as API Gateway, ELK, and Kubernetes are all going to expire soon without your help.

If you need new infrastructure, simply waiting and hoping someone else will pay for it won’t work! Please put your name down in the Crowdfunding Spreadsheet ASAP, or the project won’t happen at all. If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment!