Gruntwork-install returns an error


When I run both those commands :

gruntwork-install --binary-name 'gruntkms' --repo '' --tag 'v0.0.5'
gruntwork-install --module-name 'aws-auth' --repo '' --tag "v0.5.1"

…I get the following error:

Received HTTP Response 404 while fetching releases for GitHub URL Full HTTP response: {“message”:“Not Found”,“documentation_url”:“”}

I DO have been added to the Gruntwork GitHub organization.

I DO have set a GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN environment variable on my machine.

I double checked and both tags are OK. I tried with the last tag of aws-auth, to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?

Do both commands fail, or just the module-security one?

I ran the exact command you posted:

gruntwork-install --module-name 'aws-auth' --repo '' --tag "v0.5.1"

And here’s the output I received:

$ gruntwork-install --module-name 'aws-auth' --repo '' --tag "v0.5.1"
2018-03-23 06:16:00 [INFO] [gruntwork-install] Installing from aws-auth...af80881
2018-03-23 06:16:00 [INFO] [gruntwork-install] Downloading module aws-auth from
Downloading tag "v0.5.1" of ...
Extracting files from <repo>/modules/aws-auth to /tmp/gruntwork-script-modules/aws-auth ...
Download and file extraction complete.
2018-03-23 06:16:01 [INFO] [gruntwork-install] Executing /tmp/gruntwork-script-modules/aws-auth/
2018-03-23 06:16:01 [INFO] [gruntwork-install] Success!

If your GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN were not set, you’d get a different error, so perhaps it’s set to the wrong value? Are you sure that GitHub Token is still valid and gives you access to the desired repo?

OK I’ve found the problem. The personal access token was fine by itself, but I had to edit it on GitHub and check the “repo: Full control of private repositories” authorization. I thought it was to give YOU access to MY private repositories.

Now both commands work flawlessly.

Your insight helped a lot to pinpoint the problem. Thank you.

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