No terragrunt output, only terraform output

Currently I use below command to hide terragrunt related logs, and only show terraform logs. It is useful when running in cicd pipeline, the logs are clean and we can focus

terragrunt plan 2>&1 |grep -v "\[terragrunt\]"

Are there direct way to set for similar feature?

similar feature in terraform, I can enable the debug logs as TF_LOG=debug only when I need do that.

But when use plan-all, i can’t show properly which module it is currently working on. So need this feature in terragrunt directly, show necessary logs only.

Only if I need enable terragrunt debug logs, I can enable it with option, such as TG_LOG=debug

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the inquiry! Unfortunately, this is not a feature we currently support in terragrunt, but I can definitely see the benefit of a log level feature for the terragrunt logs.

If you don’t mind, please file this as an issue in the terragrunt project ( That way, not only is it in our tracker for prioritization, but it will also be visible to the terragrunt community and we can solicit help to get it implemented.

Best regards,