Redis on AWS - with encryption

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Hi folks,

Now that AWS Elasticache supports encryption in transit and at rest. Any idea when your module will be updated to specify those options? Or how to do a work-a-round on the current module would be ok too.


We’d like to add support, but as far as I can tell, Terraform has not added support for this new setting yet: Once this is merged, we can take a crack at it.

In the meantime, if you need it urgently, your only option is to do it via the UI. That means your Terraform code will be out of date for some time. Also, note that you can only enable encryption-at-rest for new clusters. If you have an existing cluster, you’ll have to migrate it to a new one to enable this, so it’s a non-trivial change.

PR that is ready to go, seems like any day:

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It has now been merged into master

Yes, just saw that! I’m guessing it’ll be part of 0.11.2, at which point it’ll hopefully be a matter of exposing a couple new params :slight_smile: