Sample-app-frontend-acme dockerfile might have missing deps for circleci

Steps to reproduce:

  • fork sample-app-frontend-acme
  • docker build, tag, push
  • kick off circleci build

CircleCi gives:
“Either git or ssh (required by git to clone through SSH) is not installed in the image.”

during the “Checkout code” stage and then fails during execution of

Checking sample-app/frontend-acme/.circleci/Dockerfile there are no installs for git or ssh from what I can see.

I’ve probably missed something obvious or a mandatory pre-build step…

Git is installed right here: Are you sure you’ve properly configured your CircleCI build to use the image that gets built?

Thanks Jim - couldn’t see for looking.
Given that CircleCI complains about both git and aws being missing, and since the Dockerfile has both, I think you are correct and its a problem in my image - will dig further.

Posting here in case this catches anyone else as newb as me :slight_smile:

sample-app-frontend-acme has 2 Dockerfiles:

  • one in project_root for local deployment
  • one in .circleci that can be used to create the docker container for CI.

Build the CI image by using the correct Dockerfile by:

generating a Github PAT and then use when creating the CI Docker image (see instructions in .circleci/Dockerfile).

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